German Short Rows and how to do them

I do like an illustrated tutorial. I like the simplicity of the pictures, I like their imperfect hand-drawnness, and as it turns out, I rather enjoy making them. I’ve done a couple of tutorials for my new accessory collection*, and now that they’ve been editor-approved, I thought I’d share them here. Today: How to do German Short Rows.

I’ve used German Short Rows quite a bit of late. They keep the contrasting stripes tidily contained in Fissure, and they’re all the heck over the upcoming Slouches collection. They’re almost invisible, and they save having to remember which way to wrap the stitches in a wrap and turn. Here’s how you do them:

On a knit row: Knit to turning point (in this case a stitch marker), turn work, slip the first stitch purlwise, and bring yarn over the needle and back to the purl side, pulling yarn snug to form a double stitch.

German Short Rows knit row turn | E Elliott Knits

On a purl row: Purl to turning point, turn work, slip the first stitch purlwise, and bring yarn forward between the needles and over the right needle, pulling it snug to form a double stitch.

German Short Rows purl row turn | E Elliott Knits

When working past a prior turning point, and in instructions such as, “knit to 2 stitches before marker,” treat the double stitch as one stitch.


There you have it! Here’s what they look like in a finished piece:

Slouch Cowl short row close up | E Elliott Knits

I’ve got a couple more tutorials done—my current favourite tubular cast on, and the double garter stitch that makes the ridges in Saltmeadow—so look for those in the coming weeks.

*If you’re curious, the new collection is called Slouches: three hats and two cowls using Shibui Knits yarns to make monochrome texture stripes. After many extravagant shawls, it was nice to do some small, more portable (and affordable) designs. If all goes well, the patterns will be released next week; sign up for my mailing list to be notified as soon as they’re available. (I always do a discount on new releases for newsletter subscribers, too.)

Slouches Collection | E Elliott Knits

Illustrations by Elizabeth Elliott; photos by Gale Zucker.

5 thoughts on “German Short Rows and how to do them

  1. Fabulous hand-drawness, great tutorial! Thank you.
    Cheers and Happy New Year,
    Terry (aka Tadpoletroll)

  2. Thank you for making time to put this out there! ! It’s getting more and more difficult to find illustrated tutorials! Videos are not best for my learning style.

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