The storm has passed; the recovery begins.

When I started my pattern sale fundraiser to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, it came from a feeling of helplessness and heartache and a desire to do something, anything, that was genuinely helpful, even if only in a small way.

Then you turned up. So many of you. You spread the word and you bought patterns and you took this little thing and made it a bigger thing and other generous fibre arts people put their backs into it* and instead of feeling helpless on my own, I feel like together we really did something.

Harvey relief final total

You all came to this barnraiser, and in increments–$5-$6 a pattern!–you built something real, and I couldn’t be more touched by your generosity. I know the United Way of Houston and the SPCA of Texas will put the funds to good use. I hope the projects you make from these patterns bring you joy, and that you’ll share your progress with me and wear your finished handknits with pride.

Thank you. We did it right.

*While the Mason Dixon fundraising event has ended, others on that page are still going on. You can also donate directly: Houston’s mayor has established a relief fund, and Charity Navigator has a list of organizations that are helping with the relief effort.

Update September 8: The donations are there! It took some time to get the funds to an acceptable payment method—neither charity accepts PayPal—but the money is now where it’s needed. Thank you again.

EEKnits fundraiser United Way donation

EEKnits fundraiser SPCA donation

One thought on “The storm has passed; the recovery begins.

  1. Thank you for offering us your option, allowing your beautiful patterns to be vehicles for help. Well done.

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