Help with Harvey relief while making something beautiful

I’ve been watching and reading about the unimaginable devastation to Houston and coastal Texas, and wondering what I could do to help. I could make stuff, but the logistics of dealing with stuff in a disaster make that more of a curse than a blessing. What they really need is cash in the hands of people who know where the help is most needed, and are able to do the most good. So here’s what I’m doing:

From now until midnight on Saturday, CDT, 100% of my income from pattern sales on Ravelry will go to the United Way of Houston’s Relief Fund and to the SPCA of Texas, two local organizations who do good work and will make good use of the money. To be clear: that’s everything that hits my account from Ravelry for the next four days (and tonight). It’s a small thing in the face of such need, but it’s a thing I can do. Help me do it right.

EElliottKnits Pattern Collage 2

Photos by Gale Zucker.

5 thoughts on “Help with Harvey relief while making something beautiful

  1. Thanks for giving your followers a chance to help through your donations. I’m glad you included the SPCA along with United Way. I think they are the best organizations to support. I bought Northwest Passage. Thanks and best of luck. I hope you get a big ole pile of sales. :» ) Let us know how it goes.
    Terry, aka Tadpoletroll (Ravelry)

  2. Bonjour c’est une excellente idée pour aider ses gens! J’ai partager sur mon groupe facebook et j’ai acheter un de vos patrons! Bravo pour votre initiative! xxx

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