Mostly. I think.

I’ve been meaning to redo this site for a while: the Patterns page was a scrollathon horrorshow, I felt the blog page layout could use some tidying, the About section needed updating, and I wanted to make it easier for people to contact me. The process was a bit fraught: I’m no coder, plus it’s impossible to be objective about your own work. I’m still not sure I’ve got it right, so if you’ve got suggestions for how to make this site work better for you, please do let me know, either by commenting here or through my spanking new contact page. I’ll probably do a bit more tweaking to get the site just so.

You’ll probably notice that I’ve changed the site name on the header. The site is still, though now redirects here. It was time to make this a showcase for my professional work, as well as a blog. If I can find a way to keep the blog page header as The Cusser Knits, I’ll do that, because I like the name and I’ll continue to post personal knitting and spinning adventures here. For now, at least, I’ll keep posting pattern releases here, too, because it gives me a way to let you know about them, and provides a place to ramble a bit about inspiration and design details in a way that I don’t elsewhere.

Also! Too! I’ve got a shiny new newsletter list you can sign up for. The newsletter will be for new pattern releases and occasional promotions just for newsletter subscribers. It won’t be very frequent, and I’ll keep your email address private. To get this thing going, if you sign up now, you’ll receive a coupon code for 40% off your next purchase from my Ravelry pattern store.

So, what do you think? The good, the bad, the ugly; what works, what doesn’t; what’s pleasing to you and what makes you wonder what on Earth I was thinking; what else you’d like to see—let me know all of it.

Speaking of patterns and new releases, I’ve got one more coming out in the next couple of days. Here’s a teaser for you:

Born at Sea hands

Until then, happy knitting!

Photo © Gale Zucker 2016

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