Saturnalia, revised

A couple of days ago I mentioned that there was a new version of the Saturnalia Infinity Scarf pattern, featuring my snazzy new layout. This here is the info page (click the image to enlarge):

Saturnalia v2 info page

Ever since I started work on this pattern, I’d wanted to do it in at least two yarn weights. Time constraints kept the design to fingering weight at the time of its release, so I let the idea of a sport weight version sit in the back of my mind for a few months while I worked on other things. I finally got back to it this spring, and now the second sample is done and photographed, the numbers are crunched, and Saturnalia v2 is ready to go. (Photos once again by my talented sister, Nusha Elliott.)

The original Saturnalia was in shades of red; this time I went for greys.

web circle6-T

The yarn (some Tesseract that I’d bought from Astral Bath Yarns with this project in mind) is a merino/cashmere/silk blend, much drapier and more dense-feeling than the Spectra fingering weight of the original. I like the slight sheen the silk adds, and the addition of silk and cashmere make this version insanely soft and warm enough for even a Canadian winter. The contrast between the greys is quite subtle: working on the scarf in the evening, I had to hold the thing right under the lamp to see where the stripes were. The result is muted, more shadowy than stripey.

web circle5-whole

I think next time (and there will be a next time; this knitting is even more mindless than socks) I’ll make one in handspun, and block it so the stripes form chevrons.

web circle2-edge

The pattern goes for $5.50 USD. You can have your very own copy by going to the Saturnalia Infinity Scarf pattern page on Ravelry (no membership necessary), or by clicking the button below.

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