Jazz, baby, jazz

Huzzah, hooray, I’ve got a new pattern out today, and since people really liked the pattern release sale for Firenze, I’m doing it again for this one.

The Jazz Age Mittens are inspired by the fabulous geometric designs of the Art Deco period.

Petite table sm

Sweet pattern size

I used Sunday Knits 3-ply again; with its wide range of beautiful colours and the option of 20g skeins, it’s become one of my favourites for stranded colourwork. These mittens take one 50g skein of each colour, or you can do a contrasting cuff with an extra 20g skein. (Actually, if you were doing the small size, you could get away with 20g skeins for the main colours in 3-colour  mittens or all 20g skeins if you used a different CC on the cuff, as well.)

Jazz Age large size cuff detail

As with Firenze, I’ve done slightly different charts for the two sizes (7″/18cm or 8″/20cm hand circumference), rather than changing size by gauge,

Boule de neige small size cuff detail

and you can adjust the length of the hand or thumb by adding or subtracting rows in the middle bit, where it’s all straight lines.

Skate: small size full mitten

Once again, I am most thankful to several people. Pattern-writing is really a group effort, and I could not have done this one without them: Heike Madeleine for pattern testing and excellent suggestions for improvement; Kate Vanover for tech editing; Nusha Elliott for her beautiful photos; and Carol Sunday of Sunday Knits for yarn support.

The pattern for the Jazz Age Mittens sells for $6, though until the end of February, 25% of the price will be automatically deducted at checkout, by way of a pattern release sale.


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