Backroad Hats updated, now with set discount!

Just over a year ago, Interweave Knits published my Backroad Hats pattern in their Gifts special issue. It’s a good gift pattern, if I do say so: the stitch pattern is very stretchy (so the hat fits a lot of sizes and has some wiggle room for gauge) and works well with variegated colourways and the tonal variations of hand dyes; the hat takes about 126 yds/115m of worsted to Aran weight yarn and is a quick project. (The grey sample is in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, and the variegated sample is in Widdershin Woolworks Targhee Worsted, now only available through Mooncat Fiber in Taos, NM.) I’d always intended this hat to be available as part of a set, and now it is. 

Backroad Hats |

For the independent release, I’ve updated the pattern to include charts, as well as some tips about choosing yarn for your project. It has some snazzy new photos by Gale Zucker, including nice shots of the different crown shaping options.

Strong, 3-stitch decrease line
Strong, 3-stitch decrease line
Subtle, 1 stitch decrease line
Subtle, 1 stitch decrease line

The new version of the Backroad Hats pattern is available through Ravelry for $5.50. This hat uses the same stitch pattern as the Backroad Mittens and the Backroad Scarves, so you can get all three patterns for $10: less than the price of two patterns individually. Thanks to Ravelry’s ‘set’ feature, the discount comes off automatically at check-out. If you’ve already bought the scarf or mitten patterns, your discount will reflect your previous purchase, at least until November 30th. (If Ravelry keeps coming up with helpful features like this, I may have to marry it. BitterOldPunk would understand, I’m sure.)

So if you’re looking for a project for that single skein you couldn’t resist, or you need a quick project to add to the gift pile, I may have just the pattern for you.

Hey girl, let's make beautiful hats together.
Hey girl, I love it when we make hats together.

All photos © Gale Zucker 2015.

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