Too good to miss

You know that sinking feeling you get when you think you’ve done something quite well and then you find out that actually, you messed up in a pretty big way? Yeah, that’s me right now. You see, as part of the Gift-A-Long that I posted about, I helped to put together the Pinterest boards of sale patterns. I came up with a system. I was pleased with that system. I thought it worked quite well. I may even have been a bit too pleased, because as it turns out, I missed the entire sale pattern bundle of designer Monika Sirna. And that’s a shame, because Monika’s designs are much too good to pass over. (Click each photo to go to its pattern page.)

Tiger Lily shawl
Tiger Lily Shawl*

Monika has worked with textiles her whole life, and it shows, both in her understanding of knit fabric structure and in her attention to detail. As well as some beautiful shawls, she has a wide variety of hats and cowls that me want to dive in and cast on.

Cabernet Infinity Scarf - aran
Cabernet Infinity Scarf – aran

Monika also has some sweet designs for little girls, which I can see The Niece absolutely loving, like this capelet

Kveta Capelet*, also available in adult sizes.
Kveta Capelet*, also available in adult sizes.

and this soft, flowy, flamenco-y skirt

Fairy Dust*
Fairy Dust*

So, to Monika (who has been most gracious), and to the knitters who might have missed her patterns because I messed up: I’m sorry. Go take a look. The patterns in her Gift-A-Long bundle (including those marked with an asterisk here) are still 25% off until midnight EST on Thursday with the code giftalong2014, and all of her paid patterns are part of the Gift-A-Long event. These designs are much too good to miss.

Bracket Turn
Bracket Turn

All photos copyright Monika Sirna, used with permission.

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