Finished Object Friday

Just a quick Friday post heading into the long weekend, because a couple of things are done, and I’m like a kid with a new drawing wanting to show everyone.

First, the final spinning tally for this year’s Tour de Fleece.

140829 Widdershin Shetland Blanket spin

The middle purple skein is from April, I think; I included it so you can see where I’m going with the colour progression. That skein is a bit thinner than the rest, but my imaginary spinning friends assure me that it’ll all come out okay once it’s knit up.

Also, yesterday I finished up the last sample for the scarves to go with the Backroad Hats. Woo!

Backroad scarf samples stack

The buttons on that top cowl-length sample are a custom size of a design I found in lindabelinda’s Etsy shop; I’m so pleased with how they worked out.

Backroad bulky cowl sampleFinally, speaking of drawings, that’s exactly what the oldest nephew requested for his upcoming birthday. Man, I love that kid. You’ll never guess how old he’ll be.

140829 bday drawing for A




3 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday

    1. Thank you so much. There’s something freeing about drawing for a four-year-old: he just wants a picture, and isn’t likely to be critical of the skill level, so I could relax and have fun instead of obsessing about whether it was any good. I think I’ll pretend I’m drawing for him when I do my next design submission; maybe then it’ll be less painful.

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