Galiano and Saturna: a hood & scarf inspired by the Left Coast

Although I may not be doing much gift knitting, there’s a lot of it going around, and the knit-something-for-yourself-for-a-change season is coming up quickly. With that in mind, here are two new patterns, released today.

Galiano, a deep, moebius shaped hood/cowl, which can be worn up to keep your ears from freezing off

Galiano moebius side view

and is also very cozy around the neck

Galiano down

And then there’s Saturna, an infinity scarf worked in the round:


which can also be worn over the head

Saturna up

or down in a single loop

Saturna down

Both of these patterns are worked in the round in Quince & Co. Osprey, a springy, lofty, Aran/heavy worsted weight wool that comes in some truly lovely colours. Both patterns are available singly or together as the Gulf Islands Gifts e-book.

Once again, the lovely Whitney Sides Mitchell was kind enough to model, and Wallace Lewis took the photos. Let me tell you, it’s taken great willpower not to splash these pictures all over the blog before their time, I was that pleased with them. Luckily, Kate is one speedy editor, and Heike and Kelly finished their tests in record time, and so I did not burst from the waiting.

Now why, you’re wondering, are these patterns named for an island chain off of Canada’s west coast? Well, every time I looked at the stitch pattern, it made me think of mountains reflected in the water, kind of like the Gulf Islands, where I used to live. (Also, I really wish I’d had one of these on some of Galiano’s colder, windier days.)

Lion Island Galiano

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