Getting things done

Oh, the things I shall do when I do all the things. All these things that I dream, I shall do.

But probably not today.

That’s kind of been my mantra for the last couple of weeks. So many ideas; so many projects I’d like to do; only two hands and a mere twenty-four hours in a day, not all of which can be devoted to projects.

About two weeks ago, I reached a point. Whether or not you’re a knitter, you know the point I’m talking about: when the thought of adding one more thing to the pile of things to be done makes your face go all squinchy like an overwhelmed toddler’s and you start to wonder whether standing in the middle of the room and stamping your feet would make it go away. “That’s it,” I decided. “I shall finish ALL the things! Or, at least, I shall finish some of the things before I start more things, lest the part of my brain that keeps track of projects starts emitting smoke and making those alarming ‘gzzt gzzt’ sounds.” So I put my head down and I worked on things. I did not finish them all, but Serious Progress Was Made. Here are the things I’ve been working on:

Look at all the things!

Note: this is not two weeks’ work. Most of these things were started over the summer, but in the last two weeks I have worked on them solidly, so that now those that are not finished are at least well on the way there. The almost-there things are:

I may need a full-sized one of these for myself. In handspun. One day.

An oversized baby blanket version of Anne Hanson’s Hourglass Throw, in Plymouth Baby Bunny. I started this in July for my cousin’s new baby, choosing red because we didn’t know its sex and because I like bright colours for babies (the better to hide the puke stains, my dear), and making it oversized because one thing we did know was that the baby would be tall. Or long. I guess they’re not tall until they can stand up. With two former basketball players for parents, this was not exactly a shock. So I’ve added an extra pattern repeat on the side, which should balance out the extra repeat or two I’ll add to the length. This will also act as insurance in case I don’t finish the blanket until the baby is too big for it. But of course, that’s not going to happen, because it’s on the list of Things To Be Finished.


My thing. Mine.

A shawl for me: Semele by the very talented Åsa Tricosa, knit in some soft, rich Squoosh Silky Sock. I have a Thing coming up this Friday about which I’m a bit nervous, so I wanted something stunning to wear: something that I had made and was proud of and could wrap around me to remind myself that when I put my mind to it, I f$#king rock. Also something that could cover the tattoo on my chest, if need be. I didn’t have time to design something (and sometimes you just want to follow someone else’s pattern, you know?) and I think this design is ingenious. It’s just past the half way point, and stands a fair to middling chance of being done on time.


So. Freaking. Soft.

That baby camel down I posted about a while back. I’ve done the first singles (yes, it’s plural, even though there’s only one. No, I don’t know why. Eventually it will stop looking weird to me.), so just need to do the same again and ply it. I could fill the bobbin, but decided that this was enough to get started with, so I can play around with the finished yarn and see how well it works and what it wants to be.

Now for the finished things.


Yay, stripes.

The stripey sweater! It’s late for nephew’s birthday and probably a bit big, but I don’t think he’ll mind. I’m so pleased with how this turned out, though I must remember that even in little sizes, sock yarn sweaters will take longer than you think. Also, no matter what the pattern says, I always, always, always need to go down a needle size for the edging. Why I forget this, I do not know. Next time.


One day, this will become a stylish wrap. Today is not that day.

The second skein of Gotland wool. This one came in at 576yds/527m to 5.35 oz/151g. Hopefully it works with the other skein and between them I have enough for the giant winter wrap I have in mind, because I think I’m done spinning this stuff for a while.


Gimble mittens. Pattern coming soon to a Ravelry shop near you.

Mittens! I finished this sample a couple of weeks ago, and now the last test knitter’s feedback is in. Today we’ll get the photos done and I’ll give the whole thing a final polish and send it off to Kate the Wonder Editor, so I can release the pattern soon. Ahhhhhh. It feels good to get that (almost) done.

Also finished are the charts and swatch for a design that’s been niggling at me since the spring. Yes. No photos yet, though.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Getting things done

  1. Truly beautiful work and delightful writing. I’ve read a few tonight and I’m amazed at what you create. Thank you so much seesta.

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