Gyre, revised (and on sale)

When Jill Zielinski (a.k.a. Knitterella) did my snazzy new pattern layout, I decided to redo some of my previously published patterns with the new look. I’d be selective about it—redoing layout takes more time than one would think (at least, if I’m doing it), and that time often would be better spent making shiny new patterns—but there some of my earlier patterns are still pretty popular, and I’d like the good people who buy them to have the best version I can give them. On the top of the list was Gyre: my swirly, colourwork cowl with the optional striped lining. This pattern needed…


Dear past me: If you feel like a yarn combination isn’t going to work in the first couple of rounds, and then again 18 rounds later, and you keep stretching your work out and squinting at it to see if it’s finally started to work, maybe it’s time to stop and rip the thing out. Do not press on for another 30 rounds just because you really want it to work. It’s not working. Stop it. Love, present me, who has to clean up your mess.